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    Yaël is a thought leader and strategist helping the world's largest influencers create tools and solutions to tackle our most complex global challenges. She has spent 18 years working around the globe at the intersection of political, social, technology and security issues as a CIA officer, a national security advisor to Vice President Biden, an elections integrity operations leader at Facebook, a diplomat, a corporate social responsibility strategist at a Fortune 5 company, and the head of a global risk firm. Her focus now is on helping those outside of government contribute to whole-of-society solutions for many of the same kinds of challenges.


    Yaël travels internationally to speak at summits, universities, tech conferences, festivals and any number of venues seeking informed, inspirational women to help make sense of our world's most difficult challenges. With her high-level experience across sectors, from intelligence and policy to corporate and social impact, she provides strategic advice through her consulting firm, Kilele Global, to help companies, foundations, and non-profits assess the full range of (non-financial) risks so they can operate smartly and with purpose.


    Yaël was named to Forbes' 2017 list of “40 Women to Watch Over 40”. She is also an Adjunct Professor at NYU's Center for Global Affairs, a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, and she provides context and analysis on national security, political and foreign affairs in the media. She has been published in the New York Times, TIME, Quartz and The Huffington Post, has appeared on CNN, BBC World News, CBS News, PBS and C-SPAN, in policy forums, and on a number of podcasts. She earned an M.A. in International Affairs from the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS).


    More than anything, she is passionate about using her background and skills to help foster reasoned, civil discourse.



    Photo: On stage at Tech Open Air Berlin, 2017

  • talks


    Tech Open Air Berlin: Keynote Fireside Chat, July 2017


    Understanding the U.S. National Security & Intelligence Landscape, and What Lies Ahead; NYU Center for Global Affairs, September 2017


    Shades of Red and Blue Summit: "The Problem of Strangers", a bi-partisan panel on immigration, refugees and national security issues (full video)


    World Summit on Innovation & Entrepreneurship: "Human x Machine: The Future of Intelligence", NYC, Oct 2017


    TOA.Life podcast: "All-Around Badass Woman"


    TNW (Berlin) podcast: "What Effect is Tech Having on Society?"


    Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs podcast: Trump and the Intelligence Community


    The Power of Staying podcast: From CIA Officer To Public Advocate


    FIZZIX 2-part interview for The Superstar Agenda


    Photo by Daryl Getman 


    Come see me speak at:

    Fintech Data Festival: in Sundance, UT; Feb. 28, 2019. My talk: "Blindspot: Data without Human Intelligence".


    Myriad 2018 in Queensland, Australia, May 16-18: "Technology needs more than just a human face. It deserves a myriad of them."


    Hope Global Forum: Navigating a New World order; Atlanta, GA; March 26-28.






    Sample of topics from Yaël's past speaking engagements:

    • My newest talk! Blindspot: Data Without Human Intelligence
    • What effect is tech having on society?
    • Innovation meets global issues (i.e. combating online extremism)
    • Next generation of Corporate Social Responsibility and impact
    • Women in leadership; women in national security
    • Current foreign policy and national security trends and issues
    • Geopolitical and societal risks
    • Taking the risk to work with people who are not like-minded
    • The Courage of Conviction 

    Photo by Katie Burwick


    Workshops tailored to analytic teams on:

    • Workshop on challenging cognitive biases and assumptions
    • The art of analysis
    • Structured analytic techniques


    Helping clients navigate the global political, security and social space to find innovative, whole-of-society solutions to complex challenges.

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